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Virtual Gastric Band

If you have you been struggling with your weight and are disillusioned by years of yoyo diets and wasted gym memberships then the

Virtual Gastric Band Programme is right for you.

Many people do lose weight through traditional dieting methods however, when the dieting stops usually the weight returns, often

leaving them larger and even more unhappy than they were before they started.

The Virtual Gastric Band Programme is:

  • Pain Free
  • NOT a diet
  • A proven programme pioneered by world renowned Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger.
  • A safe and comfortable experience promoting a relaxed and positive state of mind that deals with the physiological triggers involved with overeating.
  • 4 personalised sessions of 1 hour each conducted in person or over Skype.
  • A cost effective package that supports you over 4 weeks and beyond with a Free audio session to play each day.
  • Further Support packages available for longer periods if required.

No surgery, No discomfort, No complications, No recovery time.

Not sure you need help?

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How it works:

4 sessions of 1 hour spread over 4 -6 weeks with an audio recording to listen to daily throughout the programme to support you until you reach your goal.

Throughout the 4 week programme your subconscious mind is taught to remember how to eat naturally, to eat a smaller amount of food just 3 times a day and to recognise when your body is telling you that you are satisfied.

You develop new eating habits and begin to make conscious decisions and judgments about the type of food you want to eat, you stop eating out of boredom, temptation or through emotional triggers.

You eat what you want to eat in amounts that encourage all-round heath and a better body shape and, as a result you don’t feel deprived of the things you enjoy and do not spend your time thinking about food. Instead you experience a steady, progressive and sustainable weight loss.

“Can I afford to do it?”… and my answer is always the same… Can you afford NOT to?

The entire 4 session programme costs £475

Support and Accountability Workshops

Some people will want some extra support beyond the 4 -6 weeks Virtual Gastric Band programme especially if they have a lot of weight to shed. I am happy to put a personalised support programme together for you after completion of the Virtual Gastric Band Programme.

This includes a personalized audio recording to help you with your particular issues surrounding food and a copy of Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Workbook

This workshop is perfect for you to learn more about how to move forward with their new body. We will cover subjects such as nutrition, exercise, who am I now and you can meet up with other people who are on the same journey as you.

Is it right for you?

The Virtual Gastric band programme uses a hypnotic state to communicate to your subconscious mind all the positive benefits of gastric band surgery without having to go through a medical procedure and suffer the possible side effects of gastric band surgery.

You will feel as if your stomach is has reduced in size and therefore will feel fuller and more satisfied on a smaller amount of food.

Your motivation to loose unwanted fat may be to improve your health or it may be you want to go down a size or two when you next shop for clothes or just to feel comfortable again in the clothes you have. Whatever your goal, the Virtual Gastric Band Programme can help you.

“The secret to attaining your ideal weight doesn’t lie in your self-discipline or resolve; it lays in your thoughts and habits.”


“Can I afford to do it?”… and my answer is always the same… Can you afford NOT to?

The entire 4 session programme costs £475