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The art of hypnosis has been used throughout history to create safe and rapid changes in people’s unwanted behaviours.

Fiona is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people overcome the issues they struggle with on a daily basis.

With a successful practice built on personal recommendations, Fiona offers a personal hypnotherapy service that allows you to change at the pace that is right for you and enjoy lasting results.


All Our Services

Virtual Gastric Band

A pain free, diet free solution that will help you stop overeating and lose weight fast.


General Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy 1-2-1 sessions structured to help you solve any variety of self limiting issues.

Virtual Hypnotherapy

Virtual Sessions

For your convenience we also offer effective hypnotherapy sessions conducted over Skype.


Support Workshops

After programme support to learn more about how to move forward with your new body.


Click play and listen to a featured broadcast with Fiona Ross on Brooklands Radio. Hear about the work she does and some of the solutions she offers that change the lives of her clients


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Disillusioned by years of effort and yo-yo dieting?

Finally lose your excess weight without Dieting, Pain Or Willpower!

Driven By Our Customers

  • Fiona has helped two of our daughters to better understand themselves and reason away their stresses. She took a caring and considered approach to their two very individual challenges and worked with us along the way, providing thoughts, ideas and inspiration at every step. She has been a wonderful, calming influence on the whole family. Her friendly and gentle manor has been much appreciated, as has the truly invaluable changes she has brought about in the girls

    Bryony D

  • I attended Fiona's 4-week virtual gastric band programme and I've already lost 14lbs in 7 weeks. Awesome!

    Sara St. John

  • All I can say is WOW. Fiona made some wonderful changes to my life in some quite difficult circumstances.

    Brian Jones

  • Fiona has a unique set of skills that helped me gain back my confidence to finally shed unwanted weight

    Alisa Brown

Our Blog

When did my plate get so big?

Are we eating badly or just eating too much? Since becoming a Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and seeing evidence that by eating smaller amounts of food 3 times a day we can reduce body fat and size We are eating much more I decided to look into our eating habits today compared to how w...

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Have we become Pavlov’s dogs?

We are bombarded by advertising every day with food featured either as a central theme, or the characters in the advert are eating. Is it surprising that we find ourselves wanting to eat more than 3 times a day? Television Has Replaced Pavlov During the 1890s Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov famously conducted an experiment with dogs. He would ring a bell before feeding them and take note of their salivation, over time, their salivation became linked to the sound of the bell rather than the food itself so when the bell was rung in the absence of food the dogs began to salivate. These physiol...

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